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Servimg improvement V1

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Blank Servimg improvement V1

Post by Bob on 10/3/2016, 4:34 pm

   Servimg Improvement's
Dear members,

We are glad to announce the launch of new upgrade to improve our service. It concerns SERVIMG

New highly requested features have been added on SERVIMG service to facilitate the rapid and optimal upload of your images on Servimg. you now have the ability to drag & drop and multiupload up to 25 images at the same time directly from Servimg iframe on your editor as from Servimg site.

the new servimg iFrame:

when you drag & drop images in the iframe:

to upload the drag & dropped images, you can upload all images at once (up to 25 images) or one by one :

after upload, you get you're images url as you used to :

We hope you enjoy those new options  
                       A Missing People Forum Official Update Announcement

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