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How to post a missing person's report

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Blank How to post a missing person's report

Post by Bob on 15/5/2017, 5:01 pm

Hello and welcome to missing people forum.

To make a missing person's report you must be logging in as a member of the forum.
Once logged in as a member your see lots of forums to pick from.

All forums have a tool in the editor that will make your life a lot more easer
Please watch this video to see what we mean.
Now when you are done your post will become live you may edit your post at any time and staff may make an edit if they think it needs it.

If the person is found we ask you to post to say the person is found so the staff can move your topic and save it

We thank you for your time and your help.

Kind regards.

The team at Missing people forum.
A Missing People Official Announcement

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